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Kate Moss Smile. Red nail of her thumb on her mouth.

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Kate Moss au bord de la piscine, very interesting!

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samedi 15 octobre 2011

Funny Tshirt Kate Moss with Dali moustache

Life is a joke,  la vie est une plaisanterie. A funny Tshirt with Kate Moss who has got a finger under her noose with the moustache of Salvador Dali drawn on it.

Un tshirt rigolo avec Kate Moss qui met un doigt sous son nez avec une moustache comme celle de Salvador Dali dessinée dessus.

Salvador Dali is a famous spanish overrealism painter, this movment is a reaction of a new Liberty and new view of the world after war and the way to build it. All the old concept or traditionnel peinters classic school had been destroyed, or over, a new door of creation or vision is open and not depend of reality, and of course Kate Moss is not a man with a moustache and she is real, that is why this T-shirt is funny. 

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jeudi 13 octobre 2011

mercredi 12 octobre 2011

Kate Moss for Longchamp bags

Others Longchamp fashion bags new colection with a beautiful picture of Kate Moss who is posing sit down on a sofa with a blue one. She is very relax and we can imagine the women who buy this bag should be relax and fashion too. The add is like a painting and we can feel that women can trust on the quality of this bags surrely constructed to live a long time, surrely good quality and the woman who get it is like a real beauty and fashion queen for a long time!

New fashion bag Longchamp

I walking in the street and yesterday i saw a new add for Longchamp fashion bag with Kate Moss like model. This bag are made for walking, like them very much and Kate first...

dimanche 9 octobre 2011

New photo gallery - Nouvelle galerie photo

I just add some pictures with Kate Moss.
J'ai ajouté des photos avec Kate Moss.
Please visit: http://photos.katemoss.biz

Kate Moss Photos